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Keysight - 909A

Coax Connector DC 18GHz, APC-7

The Agilent (now Keysight) 909A is a general-purpose, low-reflection load for terminating a 50-ohm coaxial system in its characteristic impedance over the dc to 18 GHz range. It is suitable for both broadband and narrowband measuring instruments. The Agilent 909A may be ordered with an APC-7, type-N female, or type-N male connector.


Maximum SWR at 4 GHz, APC-7 (Type-N): 1.05 (1.06)

Maximum SWR at 12.4 GHz, APC-7 (Type-N): 1.11 (1.1)

Maximum SWR at 18 GHz, APC-7 (Type-N): 1.05 (1.06)

Maximum Power: 2 W avg/ 300 W peak

€ 155 (net) $186 (US)

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