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Tektronix - TBS1202B-EDU

Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200MHz 2GS/s, 2 Channel. USB Interface / TFT Colour Display.

The Digital Storage Oscilloscopes of he TBS1000-EDU Series are especially designed for the requirements of modern schools and universities.

The first oscilloscope with integrated courseware and a web-based courseware resource center to help professors and students get more out of their lab exercises. Students can access courseware content directly from the oscilloscope; printed lab manuals are no longer required.


Bandwidth: 200 MHz

Number of channels: 2

Sample rate: up to 2 GS/s on all channels

Record length: 2,5k points on all channels

Advanced triggers including pulse and line-selectable video triggers

34 automated measurements

Dual window FFT, simultaneously monitors both the time and frequency domains

Built-in waveform limit and trend plot testing

Dual channel frequency counter

Zoom function

Automated, extended data logging feature

Autoset and auto-ranging functions

Built-in context-sensitive help

Multiple-language user interface

7 in. WVGA (800X480) active TFT color Display

Small footprint and lightweight - only 4.9 in. (124 mm) deep and 4.4 lb. (2 kg)

USB 2.0 host port on the front panel for quick and easy data storage

USB 2.0 device port on rear panel for easy connection to a PC

GPIB interface (optional)

€ 660 (net) $832 (US)

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