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Keysight - N2760A

Soft Carrying Case for DSO5000 Series Oscilloscopes

The N2760A is a Soft Carrying Case and is the perfect accessory for storing and carrying your DSO5000 Series oscilloscope.

The case is designed for convenience, all of your probes, manuals, and connectors can be stored with your oscilloscope. The ergonomic design makes it easy to take it all with you. The padded sides and bottom of the case provide some measure of protection for the scope.

Front zippered pouch for manuals

Probe pouch that can be attached to the outside of the case or tucked inside under the scope’s handle

Padded carrying handle

Ergonomically-placed shoulder strap rings

Sturdy design

Padded sides and bottom

Double-reinforced seams

Stays upright when empty for easier packing

€ 155 (net) $186 (US)

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