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Keysight - 86118A

Dual Remote Sampling Head 70 GHz

The Agilent (now Keysight) 86118A is a Dual Remote Sampling Head with over 70 GHz of electrical bandwidth and provide fastest channel performance available today to minimize attenuation of the signal spectrum and maintain fast edge speeds.

The 86118A is a unique module for the 86100 Infiniium digital communications analyzer because the sampling electronics are located in a small, lightweight housing that can be placed up to 2 meters away from the mainframe to minimize loss through cabling.

Two 70 GHz electrical channels with 1.85 mm female connectors and two remote sampling heads:

Characteristic rms noise:

0.4 mV (30 GHz BW), 0.7 mV (50 GHz BW), 1.3 mV (70 GHz BW)

Scale factor per division: min 1m V/div., max. 100 mV/div.

DC offset range: +/- 500 mV

Input dynamic range: +/- 400 mV

Max. input signal: +/- 2 V DC (+16 dBm)

Nominal impedance: 50 ohms

Cable length: 2 m (each head)

Electrical inputs: 1.85 mm female, must selected m or f connector savers (option)


86100A/B DCA Infiniium mainframes

86100C DCA-J Infiniium mainframe

86100D DCA-X Infiniium mainframe

€ 29.000 (net) $34.800 (US)

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