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Keysight - E4980A-001/200/201/301

Precision LCR Meter 20Hz - 2MHz. Options: 001 = Power and DC Bias enhance (20V, 100mA, 40V DC Bias, 2nd DC Source); 200 = DCR Measurement; 201= Handler Interface; 301 = Scanner Interface. Unit sold with a valid calibration certificate and manufacturer´s warranty until 15th October 2021.

The Agilent (now Keysight) E4980A is a Precision LCR Meter with a bandwidth from 20 Hz to 2 MHz.

It provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for a wide range of component measurements.

Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 2 MHz

Resolution: 4 digits in any range

Basis accuration: 0.05 % with superior measurement repeatability at low and high impedance

Fast measurement speed

Outstanding performance at both low and high impedance ranges

Ultimate tool for general research and development, and manufacturing tests of components and materials

DC bias:

Built-in 40 V DC bias (option 001)

40 A DC support (option 002 and the 42841A bias current source)

DCR measurements (option 200)

More features:

20 V rms test signal (option 001)

High speed measurements: 5.6 ms

201 points list sweep

Versatile PC connectivity options (LAN, USB, GPIB)

Option 001 = Power and DC bias enhancement

0 to 20 Vrms / 100 mA rms test signal

Built-in 40 V DC bias with 0.3 mV resolution

Built-in 10 V DC source

DC resistance, DC current, and DC voltage measurement capability

€ 16,500 (net) $20,790 (US)

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