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Rohde & Schwarz - CMU-Z10/Z11

Antenna coupler for hand-held telephones 770-960MHz, 1700-2200MHz, w/ option: Z11= Shielded cover

The R&S CMU-Z10 is a broadband antenna coupler and can be used alone or combined with the R&S CMU-Z11 RF shielding cover to create a fully enclosed

RF shielded chamber.

CMU-Z11 shielding cover:

Upgrades the antenna coupler to a high-grade RF shielded chamber

No interference affecting the measurement results


VWSR without CMU-Z11, without DUT, with cable supplied:

0.77 GHz to 0.87 GHz: < 5.0

0.87 GHz to 0.96 GHz: < 3.5

1.7 GHz to 2.0 GHz: < 3.5

2.0 GHz to 2.2 GHz:< 3.5

Coupling factor:

770 MHz to 960 MHz: 5 dB to 8 dB

1.7 GHz to 2.2 GHz: 10 dB to 15 dB


RF in/out: N female / N female

RF through: N female / N female

Data through: 15-pin HDD female filter adapter / 15 pin HDD male filter adapter


Shielding effectivness (R&S CMU-Z10 and CMU-Z11 closed):

Antenna coupler: > 50 dB

Weight: CMU-Z10 with CMU-Z11: 10.58 lb

€ 1.800 (net) $2.160 (US)

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